Success stories

With its bottom-up approach, EUREKA supports the development of rapidly marketable innovative products, processes and services that help improve the daily life of everyday people. The commercialisation of the innovative products, processes and services from hundreds of successfully completed projects have added billions of euro to national economies.

Here is a selection of our best innovative R&D projects.

A BTM could replace today´s ATMs in the near future.

To integrate new digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, into global financial systems requires that checks and balances be put in place to ensure adherence to local laws and regulations and protect consumers from fraud while maintaining privacy. This is where the Blockchain PISC project comes in.

Information Processing, Information System
And it’s not just the old classics that are selling. Many European countries have dynamic businesses that invent and sell dozens of new board games and new...

Within the framework of MERMAID – Marine Environmental Remote-controlled Measuring And Integrated Detection – an international team of scientists and engineers...

EUREKA Project E! 2408 on Arctic Tourism set out to study the possibilities for sustainable tourism which will not threaten the delicate ecosystem. Four widely...

Hydroelectric power provides 16 per cent of Europe's electricity, but most of the plants and their turbines were designed many years ago. By redesigning the...

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