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We are the world’s biggest public network for international cooperation in R&D and innovation, present in over 45 countries.

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  • Provide access to public funding

    As the national funding body in your country, we give you access to public funding for your R&D projects.

  • Drive international collaboration

    We can help you find international partners, build your ideal project consortium and choose the best programme.

  • Boost expansion into new markets

    We will support you as you access new markets by providing tools and advice for expansion.

  • Offer personalised advice

    The Eureka national project coordinator (NPC) in your country can advise, support and guide you from the development of your project idea to its commercialisation.

  • Wind turbines farm

    Is the Big Data era set to transform the wind farm sector?

    Knowing when wind turbines are not operating optimally and being able to forecast when a failure is imminent could save the wind energy sector millions of euros in preventive repair work. A Eurostars project has developed a sensory-based platform, capable of collecting and analysing enormous amounts of data, to find patterns that show abnormal behaviour. The success of the project has been so great that the team is now looking to apply their innovation to other sectors where structural health is critical.

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  • Could this be the healthiest feed for animals?

    Animal feed is a critical element of the food chain, impacting both animal health and food safety. The Eurostars CoRouge project has helped a small company gain approval for a new copper feed additive that can improve the health of lifestock whilst fully respecting European Union rules. The success of the project has led to further research into the health and environmental benefits of a unique source of copper in feed.

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  • New immune risk drug test opens up pharma sector

    A Eurostars project partnership has blossomed into an innovative startup, which aims to make the pre-clinical testing of drugs for immune response risks affordable and straightforward. This could help open up the pharmaceutical market to smaller European pharma firms, and ensure that medicines that reach the market do not have unexpected side effects.

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