• Making a bridge between flood defences and renewable energy

    The world’s seas and oceans contain almost unlimited, inexhaustible power. Along the rugged coastlines and waterways of the United Kingdom and Ireland for example, tidal surges could provide plentiful clean renewable energy if harnessed in a cost-effective manner. The Eurostars SAFE COAST project has provided some much-needed momentum (and a wake-up call to governments) by demonstrating that affordable renewable energy can be combined with robust flood defence.

  • How is digitalisation and automatisation affect all aspects of our society?

    John Higgins is the former director general of DIGITALEUROPE, the European tech industry association. He was President of the European Commission’s Policy Forum on Digital Transformation. He is a Senior Advisor in Brussels and London on digital for global communications company Burson, Cohn & Wolfe. He will tell is more about digitalisation.

  • The Future of manufacturing

    Digitisation will be increasingly important, but it is rarely the main reason for a company thriving.

    “The New Industrial Revolution-” author Peter Marsh explains us how networks and niches put manufacturers on a twin track to success.

  • Belgium in the innovation landscape

    Belgium is an unusually complex member state of the Eureka Network. Not only does it have a federal level, three communities and three distinct cultural regions, those regions are also competent in applied industrial research related to the economy and have their own budgets, whereas in most other countries, innovation is a national level competence. This diversity is also a source of possibilities, since each region individually has the possibility to develop initiatives in the framework of Eureka.

  • The man who crosses deserts

    Oscar Chabrera has one of the hardest jobs at any start-up company: raising money to fund research and development. As co-founder and project coordinator at Spanish company Vilynx, Chabrera tells us why he became an entrepreneur and how to finance innovation.

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