CELTIC-NEXT is the ICT Cluster under the umbrella of EUREKA focusing on Next Generation Telecommunications for the Digital Society.

CELTIC-NEXT is open to any organization ready to contribute to the industry-driven European ICT research programme. Participation takes place through project proposals to regular project calls done in Spring and one in Autumn. Collaborative CELTIC-NEXT projects are financed through public and private funding.

The philosophy of the programme is to facilitate bottom-up projects, thus offering projects the chance of both evolutionary as well as disruptive innovation in all relevant ICT areas, without limiting their creativity and ambition. Any topic related to the CELTIC vision of a Smart Connected World is eligible. A large range of possible research areas are described in the  “CELTIC-NEXT – Scope and Research Areas”.

CELTIC-NEXT, the follow up-cluster of the EUREKA ICT Cluster Celtic-Plus and Celtic-Initiative started its operation in January 2019. CELTIC continues its bottom-up, industry-driven approach; it includes large flagship projects with significant impact.


Applications and services available to businesses and citizens have become increasingly accessible anywhere and anytime, thanks to broader mobility and to the deployment of cloud technology. At the same time, security and privacy issues have become primary concerns.

In an increasingly digital society, CELTIC-NEXT is the key to the development of the next generations of enabling telecommunications technologies and services, that will reflect the evolving needs of businesses in all sectors and citizens in Europe and beyond, for a broad range of applications and solutions.

Please have a look at the CELTIC-NEXT White Paper and the CELTIC-NEXT Scope and Research Areas Document approved by the CELTIC-NEXT Industry Group, providing insights on the rationale for the follow-up of CELTIC-NEXT. CELTIC-NEXT gives proposers almost limitless freedom in regard to what research topic they can explore in their ICT research projects. 

Funding rules

CELTIC-NEXT projects receive public funding, depending on the national funding decisions, of up to 50%. Contact your National Public Authority or the Celtic Office for more information on funding. 

CELTIC-NEXT Project ideas can be submitted twice a year in the Spring- or in the Autumn-Call

Making a CELTIC-NEXT project proposal is easy. Just register on the CELTIC-NEXT Online proposal tool, fill in the forms, and upload your proposal in pdf.

To speed up the call and funding decision process, each project participant should submit a national funding application in parallel to the proposal submission. A short proposal abstract (including an extended abstract, intended consortium partners/ countries) can be submitted until one month before the deadline for a first check to the CELTIC Office.

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