The UK is proud to be taking on the Chairmanship of EUREKA for a third time. While much has changed since EUREKA was established over 30 years ago, its mission is as relevant today as it was then, if not more so.   

Science and innovation remain key drivers of productivity and the need for businesses of all sizes to collaborate beyond national borders and to operate globally is now even more vital to their future success.

EUREKA is a unique network bringing together the largest grouping of national ministries and innovation agencies to support global business-focused research and development (R&D) and innovation. Through the EUREKA members working together, the Chairmanship can ensure that EUREKA remains the leading global network for R&D and innovation collaboration.&nbsp.

UK Programme

The UK’s Chairmanship programme aims to make EUREKA fit for the future, through three priorities: Global EUREKA, Valued EUREKA and Agile EUREKA. The UK Chairmanship aims to increase the global reach of EUREKA; raise its profile as a valued network for global R&D and innovation collaboration; and, ensure the way it operates is agile and responsive to the needs of its users and funders


Global collaboration in research and innovation is essential to enable companies not only to access knowledge, skills and partners globally, but also to significantly improve their access to markets. With the growing importance of global markets for national economies and global competitiveness, there is an increased need for cooperation.

The UK Chair will work to deepen existing relationships as well as broadening and expanding EUREKA’s global reach. They will support the adoption of a more strategic approach to the involvement of more countries to best support business collaboration opportunities.

Being a global network is the key added value of EUREKA and is fundamental to its continued 



Since 1985, EUREKA has supported over 6,800 projects and has been at the heart of a number of major developments, including mobile phone technologies, high speed internet, film special effects and cruise control cars. It is important to ensure that EUREKA remains a trusted and valued network and that the true impact achieved through the projects and other activities supported is recognised.

Value can be seen through many different lenses, whether it is though providing the framework making it easier for countries to collaborate or delivering economic benefit for the businesses involved.

EUREKA needs to consider how it can add value in everything that it does to ensure a strong future.



When EUREKA was established the internet was still being developed and no one could predict the impact it would have on society. The establishment of internet has resulted in the time to market for new products and services in some sectors to be months rather than years. The EUREKA network now has to adapt to fit the ever-changing environment within which it operates.

To be agile, the governance of EUREKA needs to be robust but at the same time be able to response to the changing market dynamics.

EUREKA is a unique asset and the UK Chairmanship want to ensure that it is fit for the future.

The UK Chair will work with the network to ensure that EUREKA is a robust organisation ready for the future and well positioned for EUREKA in the European innovation landscape.

Download the UK EUREKA Chairmanship Programme 2018/19


EUREKA Global Innovation Summit

The EUREKA Global Innovation Summit (EGIS) is an international innovation event. The UK look forward to sharing further details as the chairmanship progresses.



The UK EUREKA Chairmanship Team

Tim Bestwick

David Golding
Deputy Chairperson

Dora Meredith
Senior Chairmanship Coordinator

Amy Flynn
Chairmanship Coordinator

Huw Jones
Chairmanship Communications Lead

Rebecca Wright
Events and Communications

Joanna Thomson
Events and Communications

Charlotte Wallace
Events and Communications

National EUREKA Support

Jane Watkins
National Project Coordinator

Sivasegaram Manimaaran
Head of Europeans & Global Portfolio, Innovate UK

Patrick Jarvis
Head of Governance, Innovate UK and Chair of the EUREKA Risk & Audit Committee

High Level Representatives

Chris North
High Level Representative

Angelica Datta
Deputy High Level Representative

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