Business Angels fly to Spain for EUREKA E!nnoVest Venture Forum

The CCIB in Barcelona, Spain, was the gathering place for the international private investment community on May19th. Investors listened to the business pitches of 29 businesses from across Europe, keen to gain visibility and convert their innovations into private capital.

The annual EUREKA E!nnoVest Venture Forum is the leading investment match-making event for European innovation SMEs and investors. After an inspiring keynote address from Blair MacLaren (Active Venture Partners) and a plenary session 'Which are the key ingredients to grow from start-up to success?' moderated by Farley Duvall of Whitebull, a jury of investors evaluated and determined each of the selected SME participants from the E!nnoVest business and investment academies that have taken place in partner countries over the first part of 2017. These SMEs, active in the fields of Life Sciences, Information Communications Technologies and Clean Technologies, had the opportunity to present their achievements and business plans to European angels, venture capitalists and corporate investors.

After an intensive session of presentations and bilateral discussions, three winners were announced in each of the three categories. They were:  Nika Kristina Butina of Boomerang media (Slovenia); Antoni Riu of Galgo Medical (Spain); Javier Jimenez of New Born Solutions (Spain); Frank Kischkel of Therapy Select (Germany); Geir Huseby of Compocean (Norway); João Simão of Geratriz (Portugal); Luis Gonzalez-Pinto of Saitec Offshore Technologies (Portugal). These companies will be invited to participate in the European Venture Contest in Dusseldorf in December 2017.

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