CATRENE – a successful EUREKA Cluster nears completion

The CATRENE Final Report, released in November 2016, provided the opportunity to reflect on its contributions to the European digital economy. Overall, 51 projects were funded under this programme with a total effort of close to 9000 person-years across 20 countries. Small and medium size enterprises were largely integrated in projects, which guaranteed a rapid transfer from R&D to innovation and small scale production. While 17 projects are still underway, CATRENE can already claim a strong impact on the European society and economy. More than 1700 publications and presentations assured the broad range dissemination of R&D results inside the academic and commercial environment. Over 200 patents have already been filed, helping European industry to keep and even improve a strong position in the highly competitive world of micro-and nanoelectronics and key applications.

Download the full report here

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