Celtic-Plus’ SASER project breaks data transmission record with 38.4 TerBits per second over 762 km

The field trial which took place over the fiber infrastructure provided by French company Orange last May, constitutes a new world-record for data transmission, both in terms of aggregated capacity -38.4 TeraBits per second- and transmission reach: 762 km, more than twice the distance of any previous field records.

This field trial was performed within the framework of the EUREKA Cluster Celtic-Plus’ SASER project funded jointly by the German BMBF, French DGE and Finish TEKES. “Without this type of support, innovation would be considerably slowed-down in Europe, and European industrial companies in the telecommunication sector could not compete any more with their global competitors.” Explains Erwan Pincemin, one of the lead R&D engineers involved in the project.

In this record-breaking field trial, advanced technology engineers from the various companies involved in the project used the latest advances in ultra-high-capacity optical communications technologies. Erwan Pincemin declared: “Without the implementation of this new technology, end-users will not be able to use their 4G and soon 5G smartphones, nor could they download HD videos on Internet. It is important to continuously up-grade the capacities of our information highways.”

Read the full press release ‘Record-breaking Transmission Field Trial of 38.4 Tbps over 762 kilometers Lyon-Marseille-Lyon Fiber Optic Link’, and an interview with team leader Erwan Pincemin from Orange.

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