Communicating EU Research & Innovation - a guide for project participants

The European Commission recently published the brochure "Communicating EU Research & Innovation - A guide for project participants". It aims to be an efficient and useful tool offered to FP7 project participants to better communicate about their project(s) and achieved results.
Project coordinators for FP7 programmes and other research programmes will learn to show how project outcomes are relevant in the everyday life and how European collaboration has achieved more than would have been otherwise possible. This short guide provides some examples of successful communication activities, offers a word of warning about commercial organisations seeking to sell their dissemination services and provides an elaborate checklist to help develop a sound strategy for communication. Information on legal requirements and expectations starting at the negotiation phase right up to the end of the project and how the European Commission can support the outreach is also mentioned.
This short guide is also useful also for EUREKA and especially for the Eurostars project participants and journalists writing and disseminating EUREKA and Eurostars Success Stories.  
You can download the brochure in this link.

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