COST Connect: "Water for food and agriculture in the Mediterranean area"

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 08:45 to 18:00
Event type: 
Technical and Research
Technological area: 
Agricultural technology

This conference, organised by COST, aims at bringing together relevant actors, funding initiatives and researchers, to reflect on the current state of the art, identify and provide input on desirable developments on "water for food and agriculture in the Mediterranean area".

This event will have a direct relevance to several European initiatives (i.e. PRIMA, JPI Water and FACCE, ERA-NETs such as ARIMNET and ERANETMED and key projects funded from the Horizon 2020 programme). The aim is to deliver conclusions on the contributions of COST Actions to the aforementioned programmes and to pave the way towards a broader and more inclusive cooperation with relevant COST Actions.

The event is organised as a Pro Action Café, a methodology calling up the intelligence of a group to help turning ideas and questions into concrete actions to implement solutions.

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