EUREKA and the European Commission at South Summit

The South Summit is an annual gathering of Southern Europe and Latin America´s top talent. The event's mission is to gather the greatest innovations from Southern Europe & Latin America and connect them to some of the regions’ largest customers and investors. With more than 7000 attendees, including 3500 entrepreneurs and 450 investors the South Summit has become one of Europe’s most relevant start-up up events. EUREKA High-Level Group Chairman Francisco Marín and European Commissioner for Research and Innovation Carlos Moedas participated in the event during the session "EUREKA, Innovation across borders".

"Europe and Spain need a larger qualified production sector with export capacity, added value, and international vision, avoiding off sharing, preserving our talent, production capacity, creating wealth and employment. For Spain and CDTI, the Spanish EUREKA Chairmanship also means: Boosting Spain's global image as a technological country and  fostering and increasing our centres and companies participation in EUREKA technological cooperation projects," said Francisco Marín during his speech.

"EUREKA's effect is really potent and results in: high investments in R+D, employment creation for youth and enhanced visibility for those innovation heroes who bet on the future overcoming current challenges," he added.

Natural partners

"The European Commission and EUREKA are natural partners because they share the same goals. Both recognize that research and innovation are at the heart of the European economy. I appreciate the commitment of EUREKA to contribute to our strategic priorities: Be open to innovation, science and the world. I also support the vision of an Open EUREKA that is being developed during the current Spanish EUREKA Chairmanship," said Commissioner Moedas.

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