EUREKA cluster ITEA quality management system officially ISO 9001 certified

As of April 1, ITEA's quality management system meets the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008. This certification is part of the implementation of several improvements which were set for ITEA 3 offering an even more dynamic approach compared to the preceding mandates of the EUREKA cluster:

  • ITEA 3 is an agile organisation with a quality management system in place to ensure adaptability to the changes ahead of us.
  • ITEA 3 has a living roadmap as a permanently updated baseline for innovation.
  • ITEA 3 has strong partnerships with e.g. other EUREKA clusters, ARTEMIS, EIT ICT Labs as well as national competitiveness clusters.
  • ITEA 3 has a restructured annual Call calendar to be able to achieve a 10-months period from project idea to project start.

Underlying this important milestone, is ITEA’s mission to optimise support for companies and R&D actors active in ITEA projects in the area of Software-intensive Systems & Services, thus making best use of funding made available by the ITEA supporting countries.

For more information: see the ITEA website.

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