EUREKA Industry Event: "European companies innovating across borders: EUREKA and global cooperation"

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 00:00
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Organized under the frame of the EUREKA Swiss Chairmanship, this event will introduce to the industry the EUREKA’s multi-track international cooperation strategy.
The high level conference will include a key note on present trends for European industries in the global market, and two successive panel discussions presenting the views of the industry and the public sector on the topic of access to global markets for innovative European companies.

As the centre of gravity of the global economy shifts away from Europe, it affects the innovation landscape, and makes international collaboration a necessity.
Building up on a large consensus on the question within its Network, EUREKA accompanies this change by helping European companies to internationalise their activities. This event in meant to play an essential part in this process.

The agenda will focus on:

  • Introduction to EUREKA and its international strategy
  • Trends for European industries in global research and innovation
  • Needs and strategies of companies to access global markets
  • What is the role of EUREKA in internationalisation?

Audience: representatives from the ministries, public authorities, the European Commission and other EU stakeholder as well as representatives from industry interested in international cooperation.

Place: Mission of Switzerland to the European Union, Place du Luxembourg 1, Brussels

Please register before 9th June 2015 at the following email address:


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