EUREKA network and cluster projects worth € 148 M endorsed

In EUREKA’s high level group meeting in March 2018, a total of 29 EUREKA network and Penta, Itea 3 and Celtic-plus cluster projects were endorsed for funding. With total project costs of € 148 M, these projects will drive technological innovation in a wide range of areas, from 5G and IoT developments to data analysis and data protection, energy storage and supply as well as the smart production of consumer goods and food.

As a result, a total of 204 participants from 26 different countries will engage in a transnational R&D collaboration. Spanish participants are represented in 15 projects, the highest number for a single country, followed by France (9) and Turkey (8).

SMEs account for almost half of all participants (90), followed by research institutes and universities (60) and large companies (49) and other (5).

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ITEA - Software-intensive Systems & Services 

Penta – Nanoelectronics

Celtic-plus - Telecommunications

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