EUREKA at the STS forum 2016

EUREKA Head of Secretariat Pedro de Sampaio Nunes took part in the annual meeting of the Science and Technology in Society (STS) forum held in October 2016 in Kyoto, Japan. In his speech, he described the growth of EUREKA to its current size representing 44 countries, and its activities in advanced manufacturing technologies. He noted that the world market is now dominated by ICT companies, each of which has far greater market capitalization than the major manufacturing companies. In two EUREKA Clusters, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Metallurgy Europe,  major manufacturing companies are therefore coming together to address the common ICT challenges enabling  them to grow and match up to the competition coming from Silicon Valley. The issues that need to be addressed include security, interoperability, and preventing monopolies to spur innovation.

The STS Forum meetings present a privileged platform to promote EUREKA, its rationale, activities and results on a global level. At the same time they provide comprehensive information about what the other major technology players are presently doing and offer the technology watch essential to help guiding and assess EUREKA’s own initiatives. Further added value is given through the high level of the meeting, the visibility of the Forum members, and, in particular, the networking possibilities.

EUREKA membership at the STS forum

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