EUREKATOURISM+ Umbrella has been renewed!

After more than one and a half years of intensive work, turisTEC, the tourism technology cluster, lead the application for the renewal of the EUREKA strategic inititative specialised in tourism technology (EUREKATOURISM+ Umbrella).

On 29 October, during the plenary meetings of the EUREKA Network, this renewal was officially approved.

TurisTEC will be in charge of both the Chair and the Secretariat of the Umbrella. Countries so far involved are: Spain, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria and Turkey; others are expected to join within a short period of time. The support given by entities such as Segittur which has run the previous Tourism Umbrella, and CDTI (the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development), has been key for this initiative.

EUREKATOURISM+ has the goal of enhancing innovation through the promotion and generation of technological projects, the organization of brokerages events, workshops and events, the communication and dissemination of activities as well as through a partners and other funding search tool at European level.

You can find more information here.

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