EURIPIDES² webcast session

During the European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference (EMPC) in Grenoble, France EURIPIDES² will host a webcast/interest session starting September 11th at 12:15pm (CET) and will last one hour. EURIPIDES² is the EUREKA cluster that promotes the development of new products, processes and services using or enabling the use of integrated smart systems based on microtechnology.

During this one hour live event, you will discover the latest key high tech projects. Each project is looking for partners. Registration is mandatory.

Projects presented during the webcast :

·         ADORAS Speaker: Volkan Erol, PROVUS Topic: Develop an Advanced Onboard Data Recording and Analysis System for railways safety
·         TESTASIC Speaker: Yoann MESTE, Continental Corporation Topic: Challenges of test strategies in ASICs
·         PHODYE-2 Speaker: Dr. Angel Barranco, Material Science Institute of Sevilla (CSIC-Universidad de Sevilla) Topic: Development of photonic systems on a chip based on dyes for sensing applications scalable at wafer fabrication
·         NOSES (New Optics for Smart Electronic Sensors) Speaker: Sylvie Joly, CEA LETI Topic: Miniaturized gas sensors based on MEMS technologies in order to open this market to low cost products compatible with mass production

More information and free registration is available here.

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