EUROGIA 2020: 5 goals to achieve during the Spanish EUREKA Chairmanship

EUROGIA2020 Board put forward ambitious yet feasible goals that will inspire the energy industry during the EUREKA Spanish Chairmanship (2016 - 2017).  

Spain is the leading EUROGIA2020 country in terms of project submission and EUROGIA2020 has the objective of turning this local interest into a broader one, encompassing all the EUREKA Member and associated countries.

EUROGIA2020 set the following 5 goals to achieve during the EUREKA Spanish Chairmanship: 

  • Integrating RTOs into EUROGIA2020 Board
  • Implementing rotating EUROGIA2020 Chairmanship
  • Extending EUROGIA2020 Activities in Spain
  • Internationalisation of EUROGIA2020 - Chile, the first target country
  • EUROGIA2020 moves towards new territorities - Circular Economy.

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