Eurostars project EMO-SPEECH unveiled at European Business Summit

In the frame of the European Business Summit, which took place this May in Brussels, the results of the Eurostars project EMO-SPEECH were presented by Acapela, the Belgian participant in this trans-border research effort. EMO-SPEECH is the result of a project led for 3 years by an international team of researchers from Acapela, the French Institute for computer research INRIA and Artefacto, an SME from the French region of Brittany.

Building up on the series of innovation in speech recognition which culminated with the commercial roll out of SIRI on iPhones, EMO-SPEECH aims to take these technologies even-further to enable computers to detect and adapt to human emotions. The technology will first be presented to a limited audience, integrated into virtual learning programs, also called serious games. French company Valinox, operating on nuclear plants already decided to develop a serious game using the EMO-SPEECH technology to train its technicians.

This project has been supported by EUREKA offices in Belgium’s Walloon region and BPI, host to EUREKA in France, within the framework of Eurostars’, an instrument jointly funded by EUREKA members and the EU and targeting R&D-intensive SMEs.

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