EUREKA – Chile call for proposals

The first EUREKA joint call for proposal with Chile started on September 1st; participating EUREKA countries are Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. On November 25 (deadline for the submission of project outlines), a total of 35 proposals have been received - an excellent result taking into consideration that it was a pilot call. 

Now the countries will check the completeness and eligibility issues of the proposals in order to progress to the second phase (deadline end of January), which will be devoted to start the national funding process as well as finishing the international procedure.

EUREKA and Chile

Part of the ‘Global Stars’ initiative, EUREKA’s new instrument of joint calls to facilitate cooperation with non-EUREKA countries, the Vice President of Chile’s innovation agency Corfo, Eduardo Bitran,  and former EUREKA Network Chairman Per Tervahauta signed a declaration of intent for a multilateral joint call for proposal with Chile on May 10 2016 in Stockholm.

“We see this call as a first step to joining EUREKA, which we want to join for several reasons. This will be a great opportunity for us to learn from EUREKA. In Chile, innovation and diversification of company culture has started to challenge the commodity oriented approach. Medium sized companies see more hope and possibilities for niches in innovation, but we are not able to do this with Chilean companies and a Chilean mindset alone. We want to join forces with international companies to tackle the challenges of sustainable production, apply the internet of things and take advantage of big data created by our the European Southern Observatory.  And we want to be more involved in the regular activities of EUREKA in order to be able to serve the goals of Chile and to tighten cultural and business relations with its European members”, said Eduardo Bitran in his presentation.

“For Chile, innovation is not an option, it is a must. We didn’t do enough to transform our economy. We want to take advantage to move to a more sustainable form of development and move more towards cluster projects to transform the Chilean economy”, he added.


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