Globalstars multilateral call for projects with India

Call description

India has launced a Globalstars call for projects with Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Finland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland with the scope: “key enabling technologies for healthcare, agriculture and water”. Participants from India and respective Eureka countries are invited to submit joint industrial R&D project proposals within the framework of the Eureka network.

Bilateral consortia (one Indian partner with one partner from countries listed above) are eligible, but multilateral consortia (Indian partner with partners from multiple countries listed above) are warmly welcomed as well.

Time schedule

Pre-announcement of the call for projects: 15th-16th October 2019

International announcement of the call for projects: February 2020

National announcements of the call for projects: Country dependent

International opening of the call for projects (differs per country): Mid-February 2020*

Deadline for Eureka and national applications: 30th November 2020

Consensus meeting of funding agencies: 1st  March 2021 

Funding decision and Eureka label:  April 2021 

Project start: Before 31 May 2021 


* Opening  for national applications can differ per country.  

Special focus

This call invites consortia to apply high quality R&D projects within the scope “key enabling technologies for healthcare, agriculture and water”. These should be collaborative research and innovation projects that apply key enabling technologies (chemical technologies, digital technologies, engineering technologies, advanced materials, biotechnologies, micro- & Nanotechnologies) to tackle challenges in healthcare, agriculture or water, resulting in innovative, affordable, accessible and marketable solutions.

For example:

  • Engineering technologies for affordable medical devices, accessible and easily usable for (community) health professionals;
  • Nanotechnology in filtration for water purification, deliver safe drinking water;
  • Digital technologies for evidence based, interoperable digital health services, deliver affordable (tele-)healthcare in rural areas;
  • Biotechnologies in sustainable agriculture production and productivity, increase crop yields and disease resistant varieties;
  • Digital and engineering technologies for smart farming and precision agriculture;
  • Chemical- and biotechnologies for reducing non-communicable diseases, towards safer, personalised and more affordable therapeutics to improve quality of life.

Eligibility criteria

In order to apply to the present call, applications must meet all the international and national eligibility criteria. Otherwise they will not be put forward for evaluation and will be excluded.

Globalstars India call - international eligibility criteria:

  • The consortium should include at least, one Indian organisation and one (for profit) company from any of the Eureka participating countries in this call. The participation of research institutes and universities is welcome according to each country’s funding regulations. Bilateral consortia (one Indian and one Eureka country partner) are eligible, but multilateral consortia (Indian partner with partners from multiple Eureka countries) are warmly welcomed as well.
  • Project partners from other Eureka countries can participate, but they will not be funded by the participating funding bodies in this call. Subsequently, these partners have to secure their own funding within the deadlines for this call.
  • The project partners must express their will to cooperate, on a win-win/ fair basis in the research and development of a new product, process or service.
  • The project must benefit all project partners in a well-balanced consortium.
  • The project must have a civilian purpose.
  • The project should have an obvious advantage and added value resulting from the technological cooperation between the project partners from the different countries (e.g. increased knowledge base, commercial leads, access to R&D infrastructure etc.).
  • In the project activities there must be technological risk involved.
  • The product, process or service must be innovative and with the potential to create impact.
  • The duration of the project may not exceed 36 months.

Partners are strongly advised, prior to submitting the application, to contact the national/regional authority (see below) and check the eligibility of their project.

A signed consortium agreement on the execution of the project and the commercialisation of the projects results is mandatory before the actual start of the project. The consortium agreement should include, amongst others, the ownership and use of the know-how and IPR agreements. Project partners should take appropriate measures to protect intellectual property rights arising from the cooperation projects under the framework of this call and in line with national legislations and international agreements in force.

On national level additional eligibility criteria may apply. Applicants are strongly advised to inform national contact point of their intention to submit a proposal and check if additional national eligibility criteria are applicable.

Any partner whose joint industrial R&D project proposal is consistent with the aforesaid international and national criteria can apply to the present call in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect in each country, on a non-exchange of funds basis, and subject to budgetary availability.

Partners from other Eureka countries or countries outside of Eureka can also participate, but they will not be funded by the participating funding bodies in this call. Subsequently, these partners have to secure their own funding within the deadlines for this call.

Eligibility check

After the deadline of the call, the project proposal (EUREKA Project Form, Annex GlobalStars Project Plan, Document with scanned signatures and all related national application documents) is screened to ensure it complies with all formal requirements. The eligibility is checked by involved funding agencies. Only project proposals eligible both on national and international level will be processed for assessment. Main applicants are informed about the eligibility of their application on behalf of the consortium.


The proposals are assessed by their national funding bodies according to the applicable national evaluation criteria, as described and published on the respective national websites. 

Additionally, the national funding bodies involved will form an multilateral consensus panel. This panel assesses the proposals on the following aspects:

  • The partnership and its partners
  • The project structure: planning, milestones, deliverables, finance
  • Technological advance and innovation
  • Market and profitability aspects
  • Competitive advantage

Based on the national and international evaluation results the multilateral consensus panel agrees which projects to approve and establishes a list of projects recommended for funding during the Consensus Meeting. 

Project proposals recommended for funding will receive the Eureka Label. The Eureka label is a prerequisite for project approval and funding. Funding of project partners is subjected to budgetary availability and national funding conditions stipulated by each funding body. All project partners are notified of the funding decisions by their respective national funding bodies.

Funding details

The national funding bodies named below will provide access to public funding for the project proposals recommended for funding with Eureka label. The support will be given to each partner by its respective National Authority in accordance with their national laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect, on a non-exchange of funds basis, and subject to budgetary availability in each country.

Any IPR arising from cooperative project activities under this Globalstars call shall be regulated in a consortium agreement (CA) in accordance with the relevant laws of India and involved Eureka countries. A signed CA on the execution of the project and the commercialisation of the projects results is mandatory before the actual start of the project. The CA should include the ownership and use of the know-how and IPR agreement.

Each funding body will fund its participants according to its national procedures and funding rules laws, rules and regulations. 

Submission procedures

In In order to apply for this GlobalStars call the following documents are mandatory:

  1. Eureka Project Form
  2. Annex Globalstars India Project Plan
  3. Document with scanned signatures

The project consortium should fill out the project description in the ‘Eureka Project Form’. The form must be completed in English. A specific instruction for filling out the 'Eureka Project Form’ for this call is available (see Annex A of this call text). The project consortium is strongly advised to follow these instructions and describe all necessary elements in the form as requested.

Additionally the project consortium has to fill out the ‘Annex Globalstars Project Plan”. This document is also available via the national contact points.

A separate version of Eureka Project Form with the signatures of all project partners should be added as an integral part of the application.

The completed Eureka Project Form, annex and document with all signatures should be sent to before November 30, 2020, 17:00 (CET) at the latest, indicating in the subject line “Globalstars India Call 2020”.

Parallel to the submission of the Eureka Project Form and annexes, all project partners are required to submit a related national funding application to their respective national funding bodies. Deadline for submission is November 30, 2020, 17:00 (CET), taking all relevant national procedures and submission rules into account.

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