ITEA magazine 27: focus on Canada + viewpoint on energy

The European ITEA platform is becoming a more global organisation in line with a more global market. Canada is a strong new country in ITEA. Randy Zadra, International Relations Director for the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), is a familiar face in ITEA circles. In this article he brings us up to speed on the state of ICT and software research in Canada along with the role played by SMEs, funding agencies and ITEA. Additionally, Alex Miller, founder of Esri Canada, talks about the company’s role in the world of GIS and the role of ITEA in the company’s burgeoning relationship with Europe.

Viewpoint: I've tried the future, and it works

Today we are at a crossroads regarding the energy system, which will enable the development of the sustainable economies of our children’s future. Energy is a basic need and it remains the foundation of our society. How we make sure it is available and shared between ourselves is of key importance. In this viewpoint Jan Segerstam gives a balanced vision between local optimisation and system optimisation, taking into account open future and legacy, thanks to the ITEA projects SEAS and M2MGrids.

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