Korea France Call for proposals

Call description

Korea and France are announcing a bilateral Call for joint R&D project outlines, focusing on developing innovative products and applications in market oriented technological and application areas. Applicants are expected to develop ready to market solutions or projects, which have a significant market potential for Korea and France.

KIAT and BPIFrance will provide access to public funding for joint projects. They will also provide all necessary and coordinated assistance to project partners during project proposal, evaluation and monitoring phase. 

The Call is launched on 28th February 2019 by KIAT and BPIFrance, and is open until 4th September 2019 at 18:00 (local time). This call is open in line with EUREKA programmes. Eligible partners are invited to present joint project outlines for industrial R&D projects 

Eligibility criteria


The consortia should consist of a market oriented mix of R&D performing commercial companies and research institutes.

The consortia should demonstrate:

  • Complementary technological excellence and qualification of the partners,
  • Sustainability of the partnership and intensity of the collaboration between the partners,
  • Management ability of the consortia to successfully carry out  the project and implement the results,
  • Mutual advancement of R&D through the transfer of knowledge and expertise,
  • Added value for the participants from both countries in a balanced way.

Innovation Content

The innovation aspect of a project outline should go beyond the international state of the art. The innovation project should be science-based targeting to achieve advances in technology or a service. The main objectives in terms of performance or cost to become competitive shall be presented in a specific way.

Companies proposing projects are encouraged to apply in any technological field, namely with a specific focus on the following fields:

  • Bio Technology and Medical Technology
  • Energy and Environment Technology
  • Robot, Automobile and Machinery Systems Technology
  • Materials and Nano Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology

Companies wishing to propose projects in other fields are encouraged to contact the program managers whose contact information is shown at the bottom of this call.


The project should aim to the establishment of a new or the integration into an existing value chain. A market and an implementation prospects must exist for the envisaged product or service.

Submission and Approval Procedures

Partners will be asked to present the following EUREKA Project Application Form :

  • The completed electronic forms should be submitted to the contact person in KIAT and BPIFrance (see details below) simultaneously by 4th September in 2019.
  • The forms have to be legally signed by all participants. The signatures must be scanned and sent together with the EUREKA form as an integral part of the application.
  • The forms will be screened and evaluated by KIAT and BPIFrance together. The applicants will be notified of the results of the evaluation process within 15 days after the completion of the national evaluation. The national evaluation process depends on each countries individual policies and procedures.

Partners with approved form will be invited to submit their national applications to KIAT for Korean partners and to and BPIFrance for French partners. The applications have to be in line with the rules of KIAT and BPIFrance explained below. Partners will be instructed in detail by KIAT and BPIFrance how to apply for funding.

  • In Korea, the participants will have to submit a formal national application through Project Management System (
  • In France the participants will have to submit a formal R&D international project application through the link that will be sent by their Regional Office.

Supportive Measures

Partners participating in the present call are invited to attend the KOREA EUREKA DAY 2019 taking place on 14~16 May, 2019 in Manchester (England). The KOREA EUREKA DAY matches R&D intensive companies and research institutions in a global context with the aim to launch cooperative market oriented R&D projects. The identification of suitable partners for Korean – France cooperation projects will be organized by online and face-to-face matchmaking.


Funding details

Each country will fund its eligible participants according to their national procedure and funding rules. Funding conditions and eligibility criteria may vary from one country to another. The main aspects of funding criteria are explained below:


ADI (Aide pour le développement de l’innovation) requirements:

  • Partnerships: Two or more industrial partners (a Foreign company and a French company)
  • No country or partner representing more than 70% of the total budget of the project.
  • Eligible Beneficiaries: French companies up to 2000 fulltime equivalents (FTE)
  • Eligible costs: Industrial research and experimental development (industrialization and commercialization costs are not eligible)
  • Funding amount: from € 50,000 up to € 3 Million (submitted to financial analysis of the company and  financial conditions)
  • Duration: maximum of 3 years
  • Funding: repayable advances up to  3 million euros to cover up to 65% of the eligible costs for an SME and up to 50% for midcap companies. Deeptech companies could also beneficiate from a specific Bpifrance funding scheme (please contact Bpifrance).


The Korean dedicated budget provided by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and managed by KIAT is open to all applications from companies with registered R&D laboratories, research institutes and universities. The partners should be consist of at least one Korean R&D performing commercial company. Participation of research institutes or universities is welcome as additional participants or subcontractors according to each country’s funding regulations.

Project funding is comprised of government grants and civilian dues (cash and in-kind). The amount of government grants will vary depending on the type of executing organizations and project in accordance with Article 24 (Funding criteria) and Article 25 (Civilian dues) of the Common Operational Regulations for the Industrial Technology Innovation Programs.

A party that participates in a project shall carry out its project using the government grants allocated to it, and for-profit organizations shall individual bear the cash portion of civilian dues. 

Classification Share of government contributions in executing organization’s project budget Share of cash in executing organization’s civilian dues
Original technology Innovative product Original technology Innovative product
Large company 50% or less 33% or less 20% or more
Mid-tier company 75% or less 60% or less 10% or more
SME 75% or less 60% or less 10% or more
Other 100% or less 100% or less To be borne if necessary

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