Ljubljana, Where Innovation meets Capital

What do you call a room full of Business Angels and bright young entrepreneurs?

A Eureka E!nnoVest Investment Academy, of course!

This latest edition of Eureka’s next-stage financing instrument took place at Ljubljana Technology Park on Thursday 6 April 2017, hosted by Poslovni Angeli Slovenije (Business Angels of Slovenian - Nina Dremelj) and EBAN, the European Business Angel Network, represented by Chloé Kuder.

E!nnoVest Academies involve a first investment pitch given by each participating company – in Slovenia there were nine, including two from neighbouring Croatia. The Business Angels, acting as coaches, then provide constructive criticism on increasing the company’s investment potential through more honed presentation skills and concentrating on certain key words and facts. One-to-one coaching for each entrepreneur is then given, preparing them for the afternoon session where they must re-present their product in a competitive process to win the coveted prizes of ‘Best Presentation’ or ‘Product most likely to attract investment’.

Dr Nejc Skoberne, CEO of Genialis, a bioinformatics SME based in Ljubljana won the ‘Best Presentation’ category; the most promising product to attract investment was won by start-up Boomerang Media, represented by Nika Kristina Butina, a 22-year old freshly graduated from the Economics Faculty of Ljubljana University. The company’s novel app, also named Boomerang, offers the first free-to-play lottery in a mobile application.

Coaches present were Matjaz Bavdek of Business Angels Slovenia; Julien Coustaury of ABC Acclerator (SI); Aleksander Kopac of Alpvent (CH); Roman Kuznar of Sintesio (SI); Mateja Lavric of Kolektor Ventures (SI); Damjan Slapar of Iskratel (SI) and Damjan Veber of SI START. Pitches were moderated by Niko Slavnic, also of Business Angels Slovenia. Participating companies were present at the invitation of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Eureka’s Slovenian member that secured financing for the country’s commitment to the E!nnoVest programme, represented by Eureka-Eurostars national project coordinator Urska Zupin.

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