Matching investors with innovative companies - 2015 HTIP Events

HTIP Venture Academies

Selected investors experts reviewed and ranked the 137 applications to the EUREKA High-Tech Investment Programme (EUREKA HTIP) through an online review process on the basis of 7 criteria: business potential, team experience, technology merit, competitive position, investment interest and profile quality. Companies were ranked based on the reviews and the top 40 were invited to participate in the three HTIP Venture Academies which took place between 17 April and 11 May in Utrecht, Copenhagen and Brussels.

The Venture Academies were effective, highly interactive one day events during which entrepreneurs pitched their presentation a first time in the morning, received feedback and remarks from the coaches, and pitched again a second time in the afternoon. At the end of the day, coaches engaged in individual discussions in order to better focus their comments and improvement suggestions. 

The Alpine High-Tech Venture Forum (AHVF)

The AHVF taking place June 24-25 in Lausanne constituted an important platform to promote a dynamic and professional image of innovative entrepreneurship and venture capital in Europe. Co-hosted by the EUREKA Swiss Chairmanship, it was a unique occasion for the most promising entrepreneurs to present themselves to active international investors and corporations seeking investment and partnerships.

5 EUREKA companies were awarded as the best companies’ presentation in their session.

  • E*7494 NESS - Entech-Scientific (NL) - ICT
  • C2013/2-4 E3 - ViLynx (ES) - ICT
  • E*2 9118 OptO-Heritae - Lumex (NO) - ICT
  • E*7294 COMET - Photonics Healthcare (NL) - LS
  • E*7760 BESIDES - Ascatron (SE) - CT

On November 5th the 13th edition of the Nordic Venture Forum took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The sixty-three best innovative companies in Online Mobile, Clean Technology, Life Sciences and Food showcased to an audience of international venture capital investors. All the presenting entrepreneurs were selected by an international jury from over 100 applications, based upon criteria such as: business potential, team experience, product & technology and competitive position.

On November 21st, the Eureka Venture Forum gathered nine start-ups and 20 investors for an intense half-day programme in Cascais, Portugal.

The 9th edition of the European Venture Summit (EVS), which took place on 7 & 8 December at the Congress Center Düsseldorf, united 100 upcoming entrepreneurs and 120 investors and industry representatives for a 2-day pitching, networking and idea-sharing spree. These 100 companies were filtered from over 1000 applications and 500 pitches. The 100 presenting companies at the European Venture Summit were invited as the top rated companies of the European Venture Contest, selected over a series of regional or sector–focused qualifying events which composes the Contest. These 100 companies were reviewed online and onsite by investors and the investor jury on 7 criteria. The Top 25 winners got the highest review ratings following the online screening and onsite pitches.

EUREKA is proud to announce that among the 25 finalists of the European Venture Summit there are three companies belonging to the EUREKA network: in the ICT sector two Norwegian companies Lumex,  empowering OCR for demanding applications, and Piql, offering a migration free, secure long term preservation and storage of digital data; and in the Cleantech sector we find among the winners the Swedish company Ascatron, offering solutions for more power and lower losses with 3DSiC® power electronics.

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