Matchmaking for advanced manufacturing

A total of 43 industry players from 12 countries attended the the InfoDay and Brokerage Event 'ADVANCED MANUFACTURING in EUREKA', held at the EUREKA Secretariat's premises on March 30. In 45 bilateral meetings, participants could initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations, find new commercial/technological/research partners and get to know key R&D players offering services to companies.

The event also served as an introduction of SMART, a new EUREKA Cluster Initiative on Advanced Manufacturing already backed by major industry players. Its goal is the promotion of international, collaborative R&D&I projects among key stakeholders of the value chain (Large industries, SMEs, Research Institutes and Academia).

In order to be at the forefront of changes industry is currently undergoing, an open thematic EUREKA call for network projects on advanced manufacturing aims at developing tomorrow´s innovation in this field. The deadline to submit a project proposal is April 21. 

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