New chairman of Metallurgy Europe: Ole Köser

The board of directors of the EUREKA cluster Metallurgy Europe has assigned Ole Köser as its new chairman. Ole Köser will replace David John Jarvis who had to finish his management role in the cluster this year due to other responsibilities. As Manager of the Center of Excellence for Casting and Metallurgy at ESI Group (in its subsidiary Calcom ESI in Switzerland),Ole Köser will follow his role as the chairman of Metallurgy Europe in parallel.

 “I would like to thank David John Jarvis for his strong engagement for the creation of the Metallurgy Europe cluster. It is a great honor for me to be allowed to continue the activity of such a dynamic chairman” said Ole Köser. “With the help of Hans Fecht and Stefan Zickgraf we will try to further promote the dynamics of Metallurgy Europe to support the creation of new innovative approaches in the domain of Metallurgy. As the cluster is still in the initial phase a strong focus will be set on launching the first set of projects from the initial call as well as organizing the second call.”

Ole Köser’s background

Originally from Bremen, Germany, Ole studied physics and entered the domain of Metallurgy in Magdeburg where he joined Hardtop Giessereitechnologie GmbH 20 years ago, in order to promote modelling application for the casting industry. Fifteen years ago, he moved to Calcom ESI which was one of the first startup companies from the EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland). Calcom ESI developed modelling applications for the casting industry in the domain of solidification. Within ESI Group Ole Köser is currently responsible for managing innovative projects and services- thereby further developing ESI software solutions in the domain of casting and metallurgy. He participated in several national and EU projects as partner and as WP leader (IMPRESS, ISA-PESR, ISA-Chattfree, VANCAST-SIM, COLTS, EXOMET, AMAZE, EMUSIC). Since the beginning Ole Köser was also involved in the activity of the cluster Metallurgy Europe as a member of the industrial steering committee and also as a founding member of the cluster. Ole Köser is the author of several publications mainly in the domain of modelling of industrial casting processes.

Metallurgy Europe

Metallurgy Europe promotes innovative and industry-near projects in the domain of Metallurgy and materials as a part of the EUREKA network.

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