New EUREKA magazine - January 2017 issue

The 1st issue of our redesigned printed magazine features a story on business opportunities for SMEs in healthcare, an interview with EU Research and Innovation Commissioner Carlos Moedas, project success stories and interviews with EUREKA's innovation heroes as well as updates on the network and project trends.

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Eureka is all about bringing different people and players together: SMEs and large multinationals, the European Commission and national ministries, academic research and businesses, start-ups and investors. The feature on healthcare technology will focus on innovative SMEs that collaborate with partners on an international scale: Which opportunities can arise for them? What are the particular challenges and risks? Where do they need which type of support along the way? And what’s in there for the big players?

We can already say so much: the pros of engaging in international markets outrank the cons by far. Globalisation is a fact, and we better see it as a big opportunity. That is also one of the reasons why EUREKA is increasingly engaging in activities outside Europe (pages 6 and 11).

Somewhat paradoxically, one of the effects of globalisation is an increasing concentration of know-how in regional hubs (page 36-37). But this doesn’t mean that regions don’t need to collaborate with each other in order to create amazing new technologies (check out for instance the Eurostars NewBone project on page 19 or here).

Collaborations between the different providers of funding are also needed to fully explore the European economy’s potential. The European Commission and EUREKA already collaborate in the Eurostars-2 programme (see the interview with Commissioner Moedas pages 8 to 10) and EUREKA is committed to continue this very successful collaboration.

By bringing different people together, EUREKA can provide a perfect platform to make innovation happen, and we hope this magazine can make a humble contribution to exchanging information within that platform. EUREKA is all about innovation
—this is also reflected in this magazine that comes in a completely new shape and look. We hope you enjoy reading it!

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