Newton-Picarte Chile-UK Experimental Development Call 2015

Call description

Through the Newton-Picarte Fund there will be a call for Experimental Development projects in the three priority areas:

  • Agri-foods (agriculture, aquaculture, functional foods),
  • Resource Efficiency for sustainable extraction of raw materials,
  • Solar Energy.

The support will be used for experimental development study projects in the above priority areas, bringing together businesses from Chile and the UK for the joint development of innovative products, processes or services that meet the particular challenges that Chile is facing in its growth and development trajectory. The support can also be used by UK and Chilean companies to assess the feasibility of UK-developed technology for the Chilean market and the potential commercial viability of the Chilean market.

There is a designated budget from CORFO, the Chilean funding agency and through InnovateUK, the UK funding agency, to support partners.  The Chilean budget will be used to fund partners in Chile and the UK budget will be used to fund the UK SMEs in the project.

Applications will be single stage through the EUREKA website, with one application, in English, for all partners in a project.

Important Milestones

 Call Closes – Single Stage: January 8th  2016

 Results sent to Applicants: March 1st 2016

 Negotiation of Contracts: March 1st to April 1st 2016

 Project Start Date - Earliest: April 1st 2016 onwards

 Project End Date: December 31st 2016

What is the Newton-Picarte Fund

The Newton-Picarte Fund was officially launched in Chile in August 2014 through the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the UK Government, represented by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Chile, Fiona Clouder, and the Chilean Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, represented by the Minister of Economy Luis Felipe Céspedes Cifuentes.

The Newton-Picarte Fund is a joint fund of up to a total of £24 million over three years aimed to promote scientific research and innovation, in order to contribute to the economic development and social welfare of Chile.  For more information please see here.

Eligibility criteria

The Newton-Picarte Fund is part of the overall Newton Fund, a £375 million fund which, through science and innovation partnerships, promotes the economic development and welfare of partnering countries.

Project Eligibility

  • Projects have to meet the Newton Criteria. The projects also have to be in line with Official Development Assistance (ODA) rules, demonstrate a clear added value for the economic and social development of Chile, showing clearly potential for wider impact for the development of the country.  Please see here for the Official Development Assistance (ODA) rules.
  • Minimum of one UK and one Chilean eligible partner
  • Participants in a project must be separate legal non-linked entities
  • No one partner or country can undertake more than 75% of the work
  • Project duration is between 3 and 6 months
  • Projects must be completed and all costs incurred by end of Dec 2016.


Closing Date - January 8th 2016 [17.30 Brussels time – Central European Time]

There will a single application process through the EUREKA website:  Download your application form.

Email the application form plus the following annexes to

Required forms per project are as follows:

  •  Application form
  • Appendices for UK partners, as detailed in the Additional Guidance for UK Applicants document
  • Appendices for Chilean partners, as detailed in the Additional Guidance for Chilean Applicants document
  • UK Finance Form for each UK partner
  • Chilean Finance Form for each Chilean partner
  • Document in Microsoft word highlighting how the project as a whole meets with the Official Development Assistance (ODA) rules. This document should be no more than 2 pages
  • Accreditations in Pdf format demonstrating: i. that the applying Chilean company has been trading at least 12 months prior to the closing date for applications; ii. annual sales; iii. Chilean legal capacity 

 The full Corfo terms and conditions document (Bases Línea Prototipos) is available here.

Organisations can register their details and find potential partners. Through the Meeting Mojo link:

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