PENTA is a EUREKA Cluster created to catalyse research, development and innovation (RD&I) in areas of micro and nanoelectronics enabled systems and applications, where there is shared national and industrial interest. Micro and nanoelectronics have been identified as a Key Enabling Technology for Europe and a cornerstone of key economic and societal developments. As such, developments in this area underpin the development of the Digital Economy in Europe


Europe is home to a wealth of engineering talent that brings innovative ideas to the global electronics market. PENTA, a EUREKA cluster, intends to capitalise on this talent by bringing together complementary capabilities into focussed RD&I programmes.

Operating along the Electronic Components & Systems (ECS) value chain, PENTA is a flexible and agile programme that will stimulate collaboration through targeted funding of projects that will result in a high economic and societal impact. By doing so it will accelerate the development of products and services intended to support European leadership in key system and application market sectors.

Driven by the ECS Strategic Research Agenda, a comprehensive technology roadmap created by more than 270 experts from across Europe, PENTA will support the creation of projects with high industrial and national interest, bringing together organisations of all sizes in trans-national teams, resulting in the technologies that will enable and develop the Digital Economy.


Funding rules

PENTA follows an annual call process, though projects deemed of high strategic importance to the National Authorities involved can be processed at any time. A two-step process is employed, to help ensure the highest possible funding success rate for projects that meet the necessary technical standard, while matching national needs.

The programme strives to be inclusive, especially encouraging participation by SME’s, who can bring new ideas that can be incorporated into the supply chains of the future. This has the potential of providing mutual economic benefit to all those involved.

PENTA provides a high level of administrative and technical support to potential participants and consortia throughout the entire cycle of project creation and execution. Technical mentors are assigned to each project, and detailed recommendations provided as project proposals are evaluated and approved projects executed.

As projects are nationally funded, it is essential that potential participants are fully aware of national funding rules and establish close links with their respective national funding authority. Clear guidance is available to help ensure proposed projects meet national guidelines and have the best chance of being supported.

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