Progressing on an international scale – EU and EUREKA

European Union–led research partnerships with third countries have played a key role in mobilising and aligning international efforts and financing to tackle global challenges. This is the main conclusion of the European Commission's second progress report published recently on the strategy for EU international cooperation in research and innovation.

Openness to the world remains a strategic priority for the EU as well as for EUREKA. It is essential for excelling in science, technology and innovation, getting research results to market faster and creating new business opportunities for R&D-intensive industries.

“A platform for global industrial R&D&I cooperation”

In July 2015, EUREKA’s High-Level Group formally re-associated Canada and South Korea for another three-year period. Together with South Africa, which joined the network in 2014, they make significant contributions to EUREKA’s positioning as a global player in research and innovation.

In June 2016, the GlobalStars initiative was adopted. Its aim is to facilitate further  international R&D&I cooperation between EUREKA countries, including associated countries, and non-EUREKA partner countries. GlobalStars shall be a flexible, reliable, lean and fast instrument allowing global cooperation for EUREKA countries in a variable geometry.

The innovation process and value chains in many technological areas and market areas extend beyond the boundaries of the current EUREKA network, indicating a future role for EUREKA as a platform for global industrial R&D&I cooperation.

Second progress report on the strategy for EU international cooperation in research and innovation

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