Results from ITEA 3 call show new areas of focus for R&D projects

Thirty-four project outlines were submitted in ITEA 3’s most recent call, representing 4619 person/years and involving partners from 22 different countries. The project participants include for the first time Canadian and Taiwanese entities.

According to ITEA 3 Vice-Chairman Philippe Letellier, some other important trends to observe are:

·         A significant involvement of France and Turkey and an important contribution of  Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Spain, Romania and Belgium to the projects;

·         and a continuously growing involvement of SMEs in manpower.

Software Engineering, Health & Wellbeing, Smart Industry, Surveillance and Security remain important topics, while Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, which have been growing over the past few years, are still representing a significant number of proposals. Retail and agriculture are two new important topics in this call and are, according to Letellier, indicative of a new direction for ITEA projects, with more focus on traditional industries that are now being impacted by the digital transition.

Twenty-one project proposals have now been invited to prepare a Full ITEA 3 Project Proposal (FPP) by 11 February.

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