Romanian EUREKA projects featured at the European Solar Decathlon

The European Solar Decathlon, is an academic competition of green architecture, taking place this year in Versailles, France until July 14th. It brings together more than 800 participants from 16 countries across the world, with each country having a dedicated day to present its innovative projects in the sustainable construction sector.

During the Romanian Day on July 9th, several participants will showcase the result of their research, including the National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather in Bucarest which has also participated in EUREKA projects such as FOTOCAT, MADETEXTIL, FIBRIN and TICKOTEX.

EfdeN, built by a team involving several Romanian universities is the prototype presented by the country during the competition: a solar home, energy efficient and intelligent. The main innovation of the EFdeN is that energy efficiency is achieved through the inclusion of a greenhouse in the building. EFdeN is the only selected Central and Eastern Europe competing project.

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