Series: upcoming challenges for smart manufacturing #07

Metallurgy Europe Chairman Ole Köser

Metallurgy Europe Chairman Ole Köser on disrupitve changes in metal and metallic products manufacturing and key challenges to further develop 3D printing technologies.

Metallurgy compatible to Industry 4.0

Metallurgy is required to be compatible with Industry 4.0. The whole industry including the one that is related to the manufacturing of metals and metallic products is undergoing currently a fundamental and disruptive change. The integration of Information technology in the manufacturing processes need to reach a considerably improved level in comparison with the current situation. As the global competition is developing more and more momentum this is required for the European Industry to compete on a global market.

Additive manufacturing – 3D printing

The area for manufacturing of metallic parts with the highest speed in terms of development is currently additive manufacturing. As being on one hand a straightforward and very flexible approach to produce parts a lot of challenges still have to be solved for real industrial applications. Key points for enabling additive manufacturing further is the development of specific alloys that are working well for powder production and deliver also the required mechanical properties.

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