Teaming projects help close European gap in research

The European Commission recently announced new grants aiming to bridge the research excellence gap between Member States. ‘Teaming’, the new scheme under which the grants are awarded, will help improve research performance and increase investment in countries with lower research excellence rankings.

European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas said: "We are determined to see that no part of Europe is left behind in research and innovation. Teaming helps to achieve this by creating partnerships between those at the top and those with the most potential. Horizon 2020 rewards excellence and, most importantly, the pursuit of excellence."

Funded Teaming projects include partnerships from all over Europe: a Bulgarian institute teaming up with Germany’s Planck Institute to establish a Centre of Excellence in sustainable bio-based technologies; the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia teaming up with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden in an effort to create a Centre of Excellence in the area of medical innovation; and the University of Cyprus teaming up with Imperial College London to create a new Centre of Excellence focused on information technology.

EUREKA also aims to bridge the research excellence gap and one of its main objectives for 2020 is to enhance the cooperation with those EUREKA members that are not currently realising their potential.

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