ValiRx led consortium awarded second Eurostars grant worth 1.6 million euro

British biopharmaceutical company Valirx and Finnish pharmaceutical research organization Pharmatest Services have recently been awarded a Eurostars grant worth 1.6 million euro. This Eurostars grant is ValiRX’s second under their research and development of VAL101 utilizing GeneICE.  This latest round of funding is for clinical studies of VAL101.

The first Eurostars grant helped to develop a cancer combating system by researching further into the uses of GeneICE technologies. GeneICE will help target specific cancerous tumour types to reduce their impact and strength by targeting their rebellious gene expressions. Cancers like breast and prostate, but also diseases like leukemia are within the potential market for products developed with advances in GeneICE technology. The second Eurostars grant continues to affirm the technological progress it represents in biopharmaceuticals.

ValiRx Chief Executive Dr Satu Vainikka said, “I am delighted to see and grateful for continued support from the Eurostars programme. Their grant will substantially help progress our work on VAL101 and GeneICE, which will in turn we believe, build value”.

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