World Economic Forum sees SMEs as drivers for Innovation in Europe

A new World Economic Forum report envisions the most effective ways to improve conditions for innovation-driven entrepreneurship across Europe. It addresses the lackof performance of Europe’s industry regarding innovation and the conditionsneeded for scalable entrepreneurship. The emphasis is particularity on start-ups and SMEs seen as vehicles for value-added activity.

R&D SMEs are the main targets of EUREKA’s joint programme with the EU, Eurostars, one of the main instruments existing today for the support of R&D-intensive small and medium-sized businesses in Europe. The programme boasts an impressive figure of 72% SME participants. Overall, the percentage of SMEs participating in all 3 EUREKA funding and support instruments have been increasing over the last 30 years, with 44% and 36% of participants in EUREKA individual research projects and Cluster projects respectively being SMEs.

The World Economic Forum is a Swiss non-profit foundation, best known for its annual winter meeting in Davos.

Read the World Economic Forum’s report Enhancing Europe's Competitiveness: Fostering Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship in Europe.

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