You can now follow EUREKA on Facebook

With the launch of its Facebook page EUREKA places itself closer to the people driving the organisation: people with a passion for new technologies, researchers and entrepreneurs wanting to start new innovative projects, investors and experts interested in the latest trends in the innovation business. The EUREKA Facebook page will integrate a great variety of content such as links to articles on research projects, videos, photos of our latest innovations, infographics, podcasts and even data sets all on one page.

The EUREKA Facebook page is meant to open up a dialogue with a greater audience on matters such as public funding, collaboration in research, while informing the public about project calls, relevant national contact points and events. The ability to interact with all of the content provided by liking, commenting and posting, gives Facebook users the opportunity to ask questions and provide their opinions on those key topics, in addition to interacting with potential project partners.

Click on the Facebook logo below to be directed to the EUREKA Facebook page.

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