Eureka and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina organisations participating in international R&D projects are eligible for funding through our Network projects programme. If you are an organisation based in Bosnia and Herzegovina and seeking funding for an R&D project, your first point of contact is with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The Ministry of Civil Affairs supports Bosnia and Herzegovina organisations interested in international collaboration giving them access to expertise and supporting their growth.

Bosnia and Herzegovina offers you


Partner search

Bosnia and Herzegovina can help you to find project partners by contacting other national funding bodies in Eureka’s network (consisting of over 45 member countries). For more information on how to find international project partners, contact the Ministry of Civil Affairs or consult the Enterprise Europe Network’s (EEN) online database.

Bosnia and Herzegovina funds

  • Clusters

    Industry-driven programmes with thematic communities of experts, large companies, SMEs, universities and research organisations. Collaborate on R&D projects of any size.

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  • Eurostars

    R&D SMEs lead international project consortia and receive national and EU funding to realise their innovation.

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  • Globalstars

    Calls for R&D projects with partners in a specific country outside the Eureka network.

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  • Network projects (funded)

    A flexible programme for R&D projects with any technological focus. You can propose or join a project at any time or take part in our regular calls.

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  • InvestHorizon

    Preparing deep tech companies for Series A investment through an accelerator programme (in association with the European Commission).

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Your contact in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Mirjana Nikolić

    Mirjana Nikolić - Main contact

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