Eureka Clusters

Are you looking to collaborate on an international and industry-driven R&D project that covers a whole value chain?

Eureka Clusters are thematic funding programmes driven by communities of large companies, SMEs, universities, research institutes and end users. Access national funding and work alongside major industry players on close-to-market projects that meet your innovation objectives.


The perfect combination

Create or join a versatile consortium with organisations of all types and sizes. The benefit of this model is that:

  • SMEs (who make up almost half of all participants) can collaborate with and receive advice and support from industry leaders,
  • industry leaders discover the specialised knowledge and abilities of SMEs, universities and research institutes and
  • universities and research institutes can enhance their scope and accelerate the transfer of academic research results into pre-commercial projects.

Cluster programmes are flexible to meet your R&D needs: projects can involve any number of partners (and often have many participants). Build a consortium that is the optimum size for you to achieve the best results for your project.

A rewarding experience for companies

  • Participating companies see an average annual turnover increase of 13%
  • R&D relationships established in innovation ecosystems convert to long-term business relationships
  • Project collaborations help companies to scale up and increase their competitiveness
  • Companies learn valuable skills that make them attractive to investors
  • New startups are formed

Nurturing success

Almost half of applications through the Clusters benefit from public funding. This high success rate is largely because of the technical and administrative support and guidance provided by the Cluster offices when you are developing your project proposal and the opportunity for constant dialogue with your national funding body.

The Clusters have information days for applicants and prospective project partners that also act as highly efficient networking events. Here you can present your project idea, learn about other organisations’ expertise and expand your project consortium.

Your final project proposal is evaluated by expert reviewers who provide feedback and recommend improvements to help your project to succeed.

Who can participate?

Any organisation is welcome to participate in a Cluster project. Contact your national funding body and the Cluster offices to discover whether you and your project idea are eligible to receive funding for your project costs.

The Cluster programmes have regular calls for projects announced on our call for projects page and the individual Clusters websites (links below).

Cluster community

  • Siemens
  • Turkcell
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Bosch
  • Airbus
  • Nokia
  • BT
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • green power labs
  • Philips
  • Orange