How to apply

Submitting your Eurostars application is designed to be quick and simple. It gives you the opportunity to tell us more about your organisation and the innovative new product, process or service you plan to research or develop.

1. Contact the Research Innovation Foundation (RIF) using the form below to discuss your project idea, funding rules in your country, financial viability and eligibility.

2. Create an account (one per project application) on our Eurostars application portal. On receiving a verification email, you will have access to the online application form.

3. Using the portal, complete one application form per consortium (in English) and submit it electronically. The portal allows you to save, revisit and edit your application form, giving you time to confirm that all information is correct.

4. Upload your annexes by attaching them to your online application form. We strongly recommend that you attach two financial reports from the past two financial years. These can be in your national language.

Only organisations that are 100% publicly funded (e.g. universities, hospitals etc.) do not have to supply these documents. If you are unable to provide a financial report (e.g. if you are a startup), a business plan may be submitted instead.

You have the option of including one additional annex to your application that is related to your project.

5. Ensure that you submit your completed application form and annexes before the deadline.

6. All projects with Cypriot participants must also submit a proposal on the IRIS portal. This must include the same annexes as attached to your Eurostars application (two financial reports from the most recent two accounting years or a business plan for startups). You may submit these in a national language. Audited financial statements will be requested at a later stage.

7. Projects with Cypriot partners that are above the Eurostars evaluation process threshold will be invited to negotiate provided they have support of the other countries participating in the project.

8. You will then be asked to submit:

  • an implementation plan (including work packages, time schedule and a budget breakdown for the Cypriot participants)
  • and any supplementary information or supporting documents (about the project or participants).

Funding will be based on a negotiation outcome and there being agreement on all discussion topics. The RIF, lead organisation and project coordinator will sign a funding contract.

Why must I send a financial report?

The information given in an official financial report indicates to your national funding body whether your organisation will be able to fulfil your part of the project.

If you do not provide the information required by your national funding body, you may render yourself ineligible for public funding. Contact your national office below to discuss which documents your national funding body accepts.

Countdown to the next Eurostars application deadline

0 days left until 04/02/2021

Submission open - deadline 20:00CET

Contact your national funding body