Eligibility criteria

The Eurostars programme has eligibility criteria in place to ensure that national funding is allocated to collaborative international R&D projects working on a marketable product, process or service. If your Eurostars project proposal does not meet all our eligibility criteria, your application will be rejected.

Eurostars helps SMEs

Eurostars is primarily a programme for R&D-performing SMEs. This does not exclude the participation of universities or research organisations in a project, but the main project partner must be an R&D-performing SME.

In addition, at least 50% of your total project budget (excluding subcontracting) must come from the SME. If there is more than one R&D-performing SME in the consortium, their combined budgets must equal at least 50% of your total project budget.

Eurostars inspires collaboration

Your project consortium must have partners (independent legal entities) based in at least two different countries participating in the Eurostars programme.

The overall project budget must also reflect the collaborative nature of the Eurostars programme:

  • No single organisation can be responsible for providing more than 75% of the total project budget
  • No participants from any one country can be responsible for providing more than 75% of the total project budget

Eurostars results in commercialisation

Your Eurostars project must research or develop new products, processes or services with commercialisation in mind. To encourage progress towards commercialisation, the Eurostars programme sets deadlines:

  • Projects must be completed less than 36 months after the project start date
  • Market introduction (or the start of clinical trials) must be planned within 24 months of the project’s completion

Other legal requirements

  • Your project must have a civilian purpose
  • None of the participants have convictions for fraudulent behaviour or illegal practices
  • None of the participants have been declared bankrupt

National criteria

MUR has additional national criteria for projects to be eligible to receive funding (Decreto legge n. 83/2012, Decreto Ministeriale n. 593 del 26 luglio 2016, Linee guida al DM del 26 luglio 2016 n. 593 and Procedure operative per il finanziamento dei progetti internazionali are applicable for the Eurostars programme. Find these documents here. Specific eligibility rules and conditions for each call are published in the Avviso integrativo nazionale): 

  • Italian participants must adopt necessary accounting and administrative measures for allocating resources.  
  • Participating organisations (companies, public and private research organisations, end users and universities) must be based in Italy and meet EU requirements
  • There must be at least one Italian SME in your consortium, and the SME(s) must be responsible for more of the project costs and activities than the other Italian participants. 
  • Italian participants must not be defaulting on any payments or funding received by MUR.  
  • Italian participants must not have requested or received funding for the same research or development activities.  
  • Italian participants must respect law D. Lgs. n. 159 del 06/09/2011 e successive modificazioni ed integrazioni.  
  • Italian participants must not be following bankruptcy proceedings (as stated in art. 5.4b of DM 593/2016) or a qualify as a company in difficulty (according to EU definitions). 
  • Italian participants must comply with obligations in the contributory and social security regulations (DURC).  
  • The Italian participant’s legal representative’s judicial and pending records must be negative. 
  • All privately funded Italian participants must fulfil the following financial criteria (based on their last approved balance sheet):  
    • Net assets (capitale netto/ CN) must be greater than the sum of project costs for which the participant has requested funding in the year (CP) minus the sum of contributions received, approved or requested for these projects (I) divided by two: CN > (CP – I)/2
    • Financial charges (oneri finanziari/ OF) divided by turnover (fatturato/ F) must be less than 8%: OF/F < 8% 

In addition to the Eurostars application, the Italian participants are requested to submit further documentation (signed) to MUR, through their national web platform. Information about these required documents can be find in the platform itself and in the Procedure operative per il finanziamento dei progetti internazionali. 

These additional national documents must be submitted before the same Eurostars programme deadline. Any participant who does not submit the national documents (signed) by the deadline of the Eurostars call, will not be eligible for funding.

The next steps

We advise all Eurostars applicants to read the complete guidelines before submitting their project application.

Go to the guidelines

We also recommend Eurostars applicants check their financial viability. This tool indicates whether you have the financial basis you need to apply to the programme. 

Check your financial viability

Contact your national funding body