Eligibility criteria

You can participate in an R&D project even if you haven’t received any funding (learn about the benefits of self-funding). Our Network projects programme has limited eligibility criteria for joining a consortium:  

  • Your project idea must represent cooperation in the form of a specific project 
  • The project must be directed at researching or developing a product, process or service.  
  • The project must have a civilian purpose. 
  • Your consortium must include at least two independent legal entities from at least two Eureka countries.  
  • No single organisation or country can be responsible for more than 70% of the project budget.

    CDTI has additional criteria for projects to be eligible to receive funding.  

    • The budget per participant must be a minimum of 175,000 euros.  
    • Project duration must be between 12 and 36 months.
    • The project must not be withdrawn before its end. 
    • Spanish project participants must be able to support their portion of the project costs. 
    • The project must not start until two days after the application has been submitted.