Eurostars eligibility criteria for Sweden

co-funded by the european union - european partnership

National criteria

Vinnova has additional national criteria for projects to be eligible to receive funding: 

  • Swedish companies must be registered as a limited company in Sweden (Aktiebolag). 
  • Swedish companies must have a permanent establishment in Sweden. 
  • Project activities must be conducted at sites that belong to a participating Swedish company. Project costs must belong to the company.
  • Swedish companies must be registered for employer's contribution.
  • Swedish companies must have submitted at least two annual reports to the Swedish Companies Registration Office.
  • Your most recent annual report/ financial statement should show that net sales or equity correspond to at least half of the amount of funding you are applying for. 

The next steps

Read all our guidelines before submitting your project application.

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Check your financial viability. Our tool indicates whether you have the financial capacity to support your costs in the project.

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