The EUREKA InnoVest Programme (E!InnoVest) is EUREKA’s new investment readiness programme that aims to boost the investment awareness and investment and business readiness amongst the innovative SMEs, promote the most promising of them towards the investment community and actively facilitate investment matching with international investors.

E!nnoVest takes innovative SMEs through a tailor-made process which:

  • Increase companies’ business and investment readiness through live webinars, regional coaching academies and individual one2one mentoring held by experienced coaches.
  • Maximise companies’ exposure to active international Venture Capitalists and Business Angels in the ICT, Life Sciences and Clean Technologies sectors.
  • Match investment ready companies with internationally active investors and technology experts.

The programme is organized by EUREKA in cooperation with European Business Angels Network (EBAN), the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN) and Tech Tour.

EUREKA initiated E!nnoVest  as a new EUREKA instrument in order to leverage one of EUREKA’s main assets – its incredibly rich reservoir of innovative companies. The programme is one of EUREKA’s priorities this year under the Spanish EUREKA Chairmanship and serves as part of EUREKA’s efforts to develop new sources to support innovation in Europe.


Who can participate?

The programme is open to all SMEs having participated in EUREKA projects (EUREKA Network project, Eurostars and Clusters) and it is free of charge.

Since EUREKA national authorities from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden and Switzerland are financially supporting the implementation of the programme, the programme is open to all SMEs coming from those countries.


How does it work?

E!nnoVest supports innovative SMEs seeking private investment by taking them through a tailor-made process for making them business and investment ready. The programme consists of 6 major stages, which will both lead participating SMEs to increase their investment readiness and matchmaking opportunities, and allow investors and business angels to scout emerging companies both online and at various events.

Go to the E!nnoVest website for more information!

E!nnoVest is organised by EUREKA in cooperation with EBAN, EBN and TechTour

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