EUREKA project application form

The official starting point of your project

1. Download and fill in the application form

Please note, that the application form in an encoded programme in pdf format. Because of this your browser will not be abble to open it. Once you click on "download" the pdf will open in a new browser window and an error message will appear. The application form is still available, to access it you have to manually download it on your computer. Despite the error message, the pdf reader should allow you to manually download the document. You can find this download icon next to the save / print option. 

Step by step explanation:  how to open and download the EUREKA application form.  

2. Send and Signatures 

Please send the completed form as well as scanned signature to your national NPC office. Your NPC will be able to assist you with any queries; find your NPC here.

3. EUREKA project number

Upon submitting this form, you will receive a EUREKA project number. Please use this number and chosen acronym on all correspondence related to your project. Do note that the red fields on the form are mandatory and must be completed. Information on the form can be updated at any time.



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Download EUREKA application form

Need help on filling out the form? Click here to read the guidelines.

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