Eureka projects

The main goal is development of smart led controller suitable for farming applications.Led technology and controller management capabilities shall reduce energy consump. In comparison to conventional lighting systems up to 20%.Slc will ensure improved performance due to ease,control and maintenance.
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The aim of the proposed project is to develop a highly innovative modular and universally compatible remote patient monitoring system product called eheal, which will monitor the most important physiological parameters for patients with chronic disease in real-time and in a user-friendly format.
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4film is a unique software platform for the organisation and project management of audiovisual works that enables the automatisation of the entire production cycle and facilitates an efficient collaboration and communication between all partners on the project.
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The main innovation of the proposed project is creation of patient healthcare record (phr) platform for point of care testing (poct) providers. The new phr platform will enable pharmacies, general practitioners and nursery homes to provide poct services for their patients and general community.
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