Eureka projects

Hipdriver is a subscription based driver improvement portal. the subscription consist of a driver feedback and risk performance service, a telematics device to be placed in the cars to collect and transmit data about current driving style and car status, a market place with solid incentives.
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The main objective of the team project is to gain an effective approach for different healthcare applications by combining smart home technology with healthcare technology based on thermography capable of monitoring vital signs and activities of daily living (adl)
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Ases will develop an innovative design in order to put on the market a new “medium” energy source system with high integration scale and low cost package. This new smart device is aimed at autonomous fixed or mobile stand-alone applications to ensure their energy autonomy. Today millions apparatus like toximeter,...

Ai@pp will develop bluetooth and sensing devices lora related to artificial intelligence (ai) models to serve for the improvement of key performance indicators (kpis) such as time, energy consumed, final product quality in automated production plants.

Vlc4as is developing an innovative technological solution for vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The innovation will be based on the visible light communication (vlc) systems, a wireless optical communication technology which makes use of the solid state lighting devices, more commonly known as led lamps for data...

Sap4ma aims the development of a printed active device using nanomaterials to produce smart packaging solutions for margarine targeting the extension of the shelf-life of the packed margarine through the controlled release of active natural antioxidant agents at the onset of the food degradation process.

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