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Advanced Fiber Connectivity Switch (AFCS), FiberZone Networks
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Methodology and Tools for Supporting Web-based Real-time Communications in IE TV Applications
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_x000d_ consumer iot (internet of things) is a new service which has been and is being launched worldwide. As with every new service and every new technology, iot also, suffers from birth pangs. Multiple service providers have launched iot services at great effort. Choosing an iot service by an operator or service...

_x000d_ the emerging iot market relies on efficient and scalable wireless connectivity as a cornerstone and enabler for the diverse space of iot applications that are foreseen by analysts and academia. Recent standardization efforts in 3gpp have led to the creation of nb-iot and lte-m technologies explicitly focusing...

an effectively operating safe road network is an essential requirement for any community. The eu has a vision of close to zero casualties in traffic by 2050. The 5g-safe-plus project aims to prevent traffic accidents and avoid casualties by delivering 5g-enabled time-critical road safety services to vehicles. Here,...

the exponential growth of mobile traffic, associated with the emergence of new services and the expected explosion of the number of connected objects, i.E., Internet of things (iot) will make effective monitoring, modeling, and overall control of network traffic difficult if not impossible. Hence there is a need for...

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