Eureka projects

Spdmd strives to measure, analyse and improve the energy consumption in data centres, targeting a 6% reduction. A smart electronics system will be developed to collect key energy indicators (active-reactive power, total harmonic distortion and environmental conditions using sensors to measure temperature, humidity,...

Sr4sr is developing a cross-cutting system based on smart electronics to apply to biotechnological downstream processes. It will consist of a multi-functional robotic device equipped with sensors to actuate a wide range of biotechnological process.

Is4se is developing industrial sensors and the relevant artificial intelligence (ai) models to serve for the improvement of key performance indicators (kpis) such productivity and safety in automated production plants. The models will allow implementing cyber-physical systems by joining physical and virtual worlds to...

Sap4ma aims the development of a printed active device using nanomaterials to produce smart packaging solutions for margarine targeting the extension of the shelf-life of the packed margarine through the controlled release of active natural antioxidant agents at the onset of the food degradation process.

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